Sunday, February 2, 2014 cloudy weather

It is a violin of the 3/4 size that I was presented by parents 
more than 50 years ago.
Those days are remembered clearly when I look at this violin.
Tone of the organ which mother played... 
a smell of the baked apple which was fragrant from an oven,
and  spring gentle sunlight that entered through 
the curtain of the race.

Unfortunately the top of the violin cracks.
It grew big for several years.
I made up my mind to repair this damage.

I heated the list board with three places of cracks with a dryer
 and tore it off.I cannot readily tear it off because of the glia 
gluing this together well.

I have broken up!

It is a right theory of The repair to completely tear off a list board, 
but it tries repair partially because it is impossible.

I seem to be devoted to this repair work for the time being.

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