"Sound Machine"

Sunday, May 29, 2011 rain

I went out to Tera-farm of Tochigi City with my wife.
The purpose of it is to attend the Tera-farm round commemoration
party. There was live of the highroad artist in the "Sound Machine"
as a guest. This show is of splended. One person shoulders the drum,
it keep rhythm by the left foot, the Bass keybord play by his
right foot, and a sound profound with the synthesizer guitar,
is performed . It seems to have exceeded 60 years old.
It has ended with surprising swiftness with the toque with
a happy performance more than one hour.
I got a huge pizza pie burnt with stone cooker of
Mr./Ms. Terauchi's house after it performed and a delicious
vegetarian dish. The mind is fine weather though the outside
was a heavy rain because of the typhoon.
It was a happy day.