September 25, 2011 (Sunday) fine

I processed the last of the case of a throttle
made with the aluminum board.
The cut board was ground by the grinder whetstone and buff.

Fresh wind is blowing

Fair then rain on September 19 (Monday), 2011

The fresh wind is blowing today.
My homemadeCockpit work progressed very much
yesterday and today. The aluminum board was processed and
the outside of the throttle was covered.
Probably, a metallic look which is how had come out!

Dead battery

September 12, 2011 (Monday) fine weather

The throttle of the Boeing 737 which I made was attached to the cockpit, and operation was checked. However, a personal computer does not work at all. Even if it reboots how many times, a BIOS setup will start. Although I started WINDOWS by the safe mode and system restoration was tried, the former restoration point has disappeared. There are only the last means and the total exchange such at the time. Applying a format to a hard disk, WINDOWS was re-introduced, however a state does not change. It is useless, even if disassemble a personal computer, all VGA boards are extracted, a memory etc. are extracted and it checks again. The message of "CMOS SETUP WRONG" is displayed on a starting screen. Possibly, would not this be a dead battery of memory backup with systemu-bord? The reasoning was great success. When replacing lithium batteries, the personal computer was started normally. However, various setup and soft installation are serious from here!

Boeing !

September 8, 2011 (Thursday) fine

I visited the Narita aerospace museum located next to Narita Airport. It is the first time in two years that I visit here.
There will be a model portion of 747!