Wednesday, May 18, 2011 fine

The offshore has blown since the morning.
The expectation came off completely and the glide slope was looked at, and last time, it settled down in 16R and the glide slope was looked at today because it had gone this way and that. However, the land breeze blows though it passes very by when.
Only the gigantic figure who showed up to the glide slope edge was able to take a picture after reverse though I wanted to see the brave figuer of blue sky under A380.

favorite hotel

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 cloudy weather

I have come to Narita again.
Of course, it is a business trip. My home has already become just like in the favorite hotel. I have relaxed completely because the personal computer is brought in to the room, English is studied always, and I exchange mail. The room is such wide though it is an economy hotel. From living room of my home to spacious room.The airplane that lands from the window in 16R looks good.