735 days after it operates on fine on Sunday, March 27, 2011

The son and I went to Sendai to send the rescue supply to parents. The Sendai city became to use water service, and was returned to life always. Parents were also very energetic. However, big sadness and the sense of hopelessness have been filled in a lot of districts in Tohoku. The following sentence was diverted from WEB.

lot ..under the blue sky that comes off.. put alone. 160 centimeters in length and sides are about 60 centimeters. The cloud of dust that flew up because of the sea wind was hit when approaching, and crackling and the sound were made. It was remains of the woman shut with the adhesive tape. It was possible to think around seemingly with the sand that the tsunami had carried like sands. It ..head.. lay in the north if it often saw.