Thunderbirds Are Go!!

 May 19, 2013 (Sunday) fine

Today is my 57th birthday.
My second son gave Thunderbird 2 to birthday congratulation.
I am glad and have played in the yard.

Yearning as my child,
Thunderbird Are Go!! 


VOR of the runway 16R

May 18, 2013 (Saturday) fine

                                    I am a business trip at work in Narita.(Also today)
                                          I wanted to try photography of the place
and angle which are different in rare cases,
and photoed the body in front of landing near VOR of the runway 16R. 
 Yes ! quite a powerful photograph.


Doting parents ?

May 13, 2013 (Monday) fine

                               Please have a look! This photograph is the work
                        which my second son made from ice cream in an instant.
                                          He has a talent over a modeling work.
                         I regard him as his being genius --  is it a doting parents?

Irish harp

May 13, 2013 (Monday) fine

I was given the Irish harp from the acquaintance.
I do not understand the performance method
or tuning method at all, either.
My son performed instantly.
The direction which the young person performed matches
well rather than a father performs.
Although it will think that a young woman performs
matches well most if it can do,


60th wedding anniversary party

May 12, 2013 (Sunday) fine

My family came to Matsushima,
in order to congratulate my parents on  60th wedding anniversary.
We were very pleasant  to have made a great uproar
at the party last evening. Today, we cruise of the inside of the bay
in Matsushima . The black-tailed gull and others gathering
in the surroundings of cruiser was fed.
We froliced to the gulls which flocks.
Really pleasant time were passed.

Congratulation! my father and mother 60th wedding anniversary.

God bless you !


New face

May 6, 2013 (Monday) fine

The stray cat settled in my home from three weeks before.
The cat had a severe cold and conjunctivitis and
 dehydration were quite in the dying state in the serious illness.
I take him to a veterinarian, or continue nursing and am becoming fine at last.
It is that the Brandy of a senior cat does not express hostility
with a wonderful thing to him.although he usually certainly starts a quarrel
 to other cat and intimidation is repeated, it completely acts as an adult
 and is this time -- it is .Seemingly, by a veterinarian's presumption,
he was kept with the pet cat in the house.
(Seemingly, it understands in the state of a nail).
When he thinks that were thrown away, and it was hungry under the wintry sky,
was frozen, and he arrived at my home, he is very poor.
I want him for me to be here all the time and to become fortunate.


Buckwheat noodles.

May 3, 2013 (Saturday)

My son took the girl friend.
I wanted to show her fresh green sunlight,
and drove to Okorogawa.
The lunch of buckwheat noodles was eaten
in the sophisticated buckwheat noodle shop "Sankirai" in Okorogawa.
I was very satisfied with the taste of the fresh green view
 from a window, and Towari buckwheat noodles.


I am glad!

May 3, 2013 (Saturday)

Today is also a holiday succeedingly. I am glad!
I was devoted to favorite work. All chairs are disassembled,
old paint is removed and rattan was restretched.
Work called repair of furniture is very interesting.


Absorbed in a hobby

May 1, 2013 (Wednesday) fine

I am during 9 consecutive holidays.
Since consecutive holidays of Japan are traffic congestion
wherever they may go,
 I do not go out anywhere.
To the full, I concentrated on the hobby at home.
The internal circuit of made YOKE was made and details were also processed.
Although real YOKE was deformed considerably,
 I think that the silhouette resembles the genuine article.