Yasunao Ishida

                                       Saturday, October 19, 2013 rain

I still went Yasunao Ishida who looked forward to in his concert.
 It has been completely shown by a performance
of unique looks of Ishida, performance-style
and the transcendence art.

Why does a prominent musician like him not attract
attention more in Japan?
I think that his performance-style that it is too aggressive, 
and is original may not receive a fair evaluation
from the conservative classics world.

Colored leaves

Saturday, October 19, 2013 cloudy weather

The photograph is an article of the colored leaves highlight 
in Tochigi placed in today's "Shimothuke- newspaper" morning edition.
 Yes. These are only the morning editions.
 Tochigi where I live in has the sightseeing spot 
where eminent colored leaves are beautiful everywhere in Japan.
 Everybody feels jealous of me when I talk to a person living in the other prefectures,
 but I do not go out to watch many colored leaves. 

Shall I go to enjoy slightly autumn nature in this year...

Indian summer day

It is fine on Monday, October 14, 2013

It is a holiday today in Health Sports Day.

I went to Kanuma-city to pick up  ginkgo nuts early in the morning.
 Washed off the peel of a ginkgo of the bagful 
with water (considerably stinking) and aired it in the sun.

The cat takes a nap 
under the splendid blue sky very comfortably.

The 29th wedding anniversary

It is fine on Sunday, October 13, 2013

It is our the 29th wedding anniversary today.

We light the candle which we used 
at the time of wedding ceremony every year.
However, the memorial day scale of the candle
 is until the 25th year.Because there is no help for it,
 it is a handwritten scale after the 26th year.

I celebrated it with the delicious pasta 
and salad which a wife cooked.

Thank you for 29 years! Thank you from now on!

Cut !

October 6, 2013 (it is fine)
I decided to cut the leg of the chair.
Because the height of the Thompson chair of the piano
which I used in a living room was too higher than other chairs,
Considerable technique is with need on the cut of the chair
when I check various books and web sites.
I considered over a good method.
 And it is the method of the photograph to have carried out.
I fixed a circle saw to the work stand with a clamp and
 I hit the saw with the chair which I put on a work stand and cut it.
 An art of this method is to cut four of them little by little
 without completely cutting a leg at a time.
The result makes a big success!
 I was able to lower a chair without a wobble really.
I am satisfied very much!