New face

May 6, 2013 (Monday) fine

The stray cat settled in my home from three weeks before.
The cat had a severe cold and conjunctivitis and
 dehydration were quite in the dying state in the serious illness.
I take him to a veterinarian, or continue nursing and am becoming fine at last.
It is that the Brandy of a senior cat does not express hostility
with a wonderful thing to him.although he usually certainly starts a quarrel
 to other cat and intimidation is repeated, it completely acts as an adult
 and is this time -- it is .Seemingly, by a veterinarian's presumption,
he was kept with the pet cat in the house.
(Seemingly, it understands in the state of a nail).
When he thinks that were thrown away, and it was hungry under the wintry sky,
was frozen, and he arrived at my home, he is very poor.
I want him for me to be here all the time and to become fortunate.