Here we go to "Kamakura "

April 23, 2013 (Tuesday) cloudy weather

I set out on the trip of the day's trip to Miura Peninsula and
 Kamakura together with my wife. It is the first time in 34 years
that I visit Kamakura. The formal topknot of the precincts of a temple
 already decayed, and the offspring tree of a new ginkgo tree was planted.

In addition the store are built completely and
Komachi Str. is full of a young person or females .

I am a general store of Malaysia and purchased
the stamp of the interesting cat.
But,I and my wife are very anxious about the cats
which are looking after the house housesitting? in a house.


Trip to Sendai

April 14, 2013 (Sunday) fine

I families came to Sendai, in order to participate
in a nephew's marriage ceremony.
I walked along Str. Hirose after after a long time.
It is fixed and a street is very beautiful.
I had a new appreciation of and did the merit of Sendai
which lived a long time ago.

In peak condition!

April 8, 2013 (Monday) fine

The spring storm was blowing violently till yesterday.
It is a very pleasant blue sky today.
The stocks of last week to Japan are good.
Thanks to the, I was able to compensate the loss last year.
I made the rudder pedal with a sufficient feeling.
It is almost completion as looking.
The cover was also made and attached.