Rain after fine Monday, April 11

The throttle has not progressed easily. The mixing failure of paints is a cause. Paints were peeled off, painted again, and the throttle lever part was completed finally in today. The feeling of reverse can be a quite good doing.


740 days after it operates on fine on Monday, April 11, 2011

There was a boy of 4or5 senior years old named "kanchan" in the vicinity in the childhood. The guitar was skillfully played by self-study and well in making the model smartly, and well in the picture. It was our ankle biters' yearnings. When moving from Nagoya to Sendai, "kanchan" drew and presented the picture of the battleship. The thigh servant is not good at the thing drawn more than this picture well in 43 years. It is still "kanchan" of the yearning and Hero!