Narita airport  3.14

March 15, 2013 (Friday) fine

I am on a business trip in Narita
and the direction of Choshi from yesterday.
From the room of a constant hotel, the second terminal
of Narita Airport looks good to this appearance.
A photograph is the first plane of approach on 34R runway.
Narita Airport has also filled with a low-cost carrier's body recently.
Although there was much body of JAL and PANNAM
a long time ago, it changes with a time.

Chofu city

March 13, 2013 (Wednesday) fine

This photograph is the Chofu city area from a no-frills hotel.
it looks at hand and "Ajinomoto Stadium" is seen.
Thus, the game of soccer must be seen from this hotel.
Metropolitan Expressway of the return for a strong wind was
closed many places today. It has taken 2 hours or more to escape
from a highway.