Hut of the cat

It is fine on Monday, September 16, 2013
A pretty he-cat has begun to settle down in my house.
 His name "is HORYU". Because I keep him or do not keep it,
 or the origin of this name was at a loss,
 I will suspend the answer!
Reservation = HORYU is an origin.
I made an entrance for the cats which entered the hut today
because a typhoon went away,
and autumn wind had begun to blow.
He entered fearfully at once.

What a relief!


•Fiddler on the Roof

Sunday, September 15, 2013 rain
I am crazy about the performance of the violin recently.
My wife dislikes tones of the violins places.
That is why I play the lesson of the violin on stairs not to offend the wife.
 I did not know the outline of "the fiddler on the roof",
but I supposed it when this work would be a story of the fiddlers
who received persecution. I continue playing the violin today on stairs.