City of the 21st century!

It is fine on Saturday, March 22, 2014

I stayed at the hotel of the Sakae town last night.
I walked around the center of commerce of Nagoya today.
Nagoya is the town which is very clean from old days. 
A building and the public accommodation are well-kept very neatly.
 I went to Oasis21 in the Sakae town.
It is the futuristic building
which seems to totally come out to Astro Boy.
 I climbed the roof.


Water and a ripple that a roof of transparent tempered glass
 becomes the pond and runs are reflected in the open space 
under the ground. It is a really wonderful town. 

It is my hometown here.

The Ofuku ichiba (market)

It is fine on Friday, March 21, 2014

I visit Nagoya .
I walked around the town where I was born and raised .
I visited "the Ofuku-market " which I was with 50 years or more ago
by my mother, and went to the everyday shopping. 
The market was closed in being lonely. Because a part of the building
 became the bar, I drank one cup of sake in the shop. 
The conversations of the good old Nagoya dialect 
overflowed in the Japanese bar.