the eyehole

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 fine

It is a business trip to Narita again.
It went to the TOYOMI observatory that was open to the public recently. There are none of of those who see excluding me for B glide slope. The aircraft also : only by one flight every 30 minutes. Generally, it might be a place without the charm. I love such place calling oneself "Narita freak". Because the state of 34R and 16L seen with the simulator can always be seen. We wish to express our gratitude in the fence of the observatory for the thing that even the eyehole for the aircraft taking a picture mania is set up.


Sunday, April 24, 2011 fine weather

I am a cruel hangover though the outside is fine.
The Nikko city Fubasami town where I live is the country town.
There is no convenience store store, and is not a supermarket
in the town either.However, I love towns where this nothing
exists, too.An uninhabited station was redecorated last year.
It is nice looking.Hereafter, it will be a fresh green season
though the season of cherry blossoms ends almost.
Hills and fields is wrapped in beautiful green.

piano tuner

The cruel weather on Saturday, April 23, 2011

It is a weekend of the cold rain getting off.

It attended the farewell party of the senior in the company.
He has been being taken an active part as a piano tuner for 43 years.
It seems to keep working retiring and independently in the future
as a tuner.It enlarged it ..a lot.., and because there was a photograph
in which it took a picture of the appearance
to work of him by chance before, the frame was decorated and
it presented it. Man who attained one work feels quiet dignity of
a man.It was the tiredness externals for a long time.

Slovakia glass

Friday, April 22, 2011 rain

After it operates, the passage of 761 days is energetic.

A gorgeous wineglass made by Slovakia was obtained.
And, it is a sushi dinner today in more gorgeous than usual. We felt that it is much more delicious only by changing the wineglass. It is luxurious small we of married couples.

like a rhinoceros

Monday, April 18 fine

Having thrown behind him pleasure and pain, and first (do away with) good and bad intentions, having (then) secured the middle state, which is pacific and pure, let one walk alone like a rhinoceros.

The throttle lever

Monday, April 18 fine

It had a telephone call from parents in Sendai. It is a thing of having become it to use the utility gas at last. It is free time today in complete during a day. Such a day is fixed to the cockpit building. The throttle lever that had been completed yesterday was installed in the rib. The feeling when the throttle of the simulator of DC8 is operated before is recalled, and movement and the feeling of quality of the throttle have been adjusted variously.

Slim fit

Monday, April 18, 2011 fine

To receive the cancer notification and to change my constitution, I have done various efforts. Vegetarian's eating habits are the one. In addition, walking and the muscular power improvement training are done without fail every morning. It is actually felt that the size of the waist slim improved though it has not satisfied with my figure yet. Pants were bought after a long time today. It is safe in not father's”OYAJI" figure but SLIM FIT. Yea! west 76cm just fit!

on the knoll

Sunday, April 17, 2011 fine weather

Passage of 756 days after it operates

It is wonderful fine weather for these several days. It went out to "Ohanami"as"Enjoyed seeing cherry blossom " with my wife. In Omuro artificial dam in the Omuro district of Nikko city, cherry blossoms were full-bloomed. The scenery of a beautiful Nikko mountains extends . It becomes sleepy when peacefully making it to eating lunch by the hilltop. It is peaceful Sunday afternoon.


April 16 (Saturday night) fine

I am a self-styled vegan. Exactry, I don't know the vegan's definition. Only Saturday every week ,open the bottle of wine with the wife.It looks forward to this one o'clock that relaxes because it finishes the work of one week. The wife made the salad (avocado and loch) and the tomato flavor pasta of the today. It was a dinner eaten too much in delicious of the remainder.

It's a beautiful day.

Thursday, April 14, 2011 fine weather

It is a wonderful day.
It is here and there and cherry blossoms are full-bloomed.
Pink and blue sky.
Japanese DNA in me is pleased.
The interim, the radiation, and the earthquake are forgotten.
Iwish nothing but to express our gratitude for now in spring.

Narita Style

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 fine

It has come to Narita by the business trip since last night. It relaxes in the suite of "Toyoko Inn Narita" of the favorite hotel. It enjoys setting the computer and the receiver when coming to this hotel as shown in the photograph, and receiving the electric wave of the aircraft named ARCARDS. It went because the bar had opened on the tenth floor of the hotel. The airport of the night looks beautiful.

Plam orchard

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 fine

One month has passed from the large earthquake. Beautiful spring comes to the Japanese Islands. It passes calmly neither flower and bird style moon nor what there are by you. Two years passed after I had operated on cancer. When plum blossoms bloom on spring, and cherry blossoms bloom, I wish to express my gratitude for a healthy thing. The photograph is a plum orchard in the vicinity. A lovely, white flower is dazzled.


Rain after fine Monday, April 11

The throttle has not progressed easily. The mixing failure of paints is a cause. Paints were peeled off, painted again, and the throttle lever part was completed finally in today. The feeling of reverse can be a quite good doing.


740 days after it operates on fine on Monday, April 11, 2011

There was a boy of 4or5 senior years old named "kanchan" in the vicinity in the childhood. The guitar was skillfully played by self-study and well in making the model smartly, and well in the picture. It was our ankle biters' yearnings. When moving from Nagoya to Sendai, "kanchan" drew and presented the picture of the battleship. The thigh servant is not good at the thing drawn more than this picture well in 43 years. It is still "kanchan" of the yearning and Hero!

The picture was drawn

739 days after it operates on fine on Sunday, April 10, 2011

The picture was drawn with the drawing software wear newly obtained. It is application software of watercolor. The mixing addition and subtraction of the color is not effective very well because there is originally no watercolor in good though it is quite interesting touch.

Air Plane

739 days after it operates on fine on Sunday, April 10, 2011

It is my treasure. It is an Airlines magazine in the 1950's. Age when airframe and speed of sound flight that silver color shines were special things. It designed, it adventured very much, and it was unique. It always heard of the adjustment sound of the jet plane from the Komaki airport in the Nagoya City Kita Ward on which I had lived. Yearning to the airplane was inevitable. Of course, the dream was a pilot of the jet fighter. It was thought that the control of the airplane was achieved only in the superman who had the extra capacity.


739 days after it operates on fine on Sunday, April 10

The ingredient of the vegetables and the wild grasses has become abundant in spring. It was a pasta dish that the wife made last night. We wish always to express our gratitude to the wife who variously devises it for me of the vegetarian. It is pasta of the avocado and garlic today. Marinade of radish and carrot. I suffered from pneumonia, and outed off form very much to tell the truth until yesterday. The condition is good and the appetite has boiled today though it was not able to be felt that it is delicious no matter what it eats, too. Wine after a long time was delicious in the usual bucket ..biting...


739 days after it operates on fine on Sunday, April 10

This is a stuffed animal of the bear that the second son valued since baby's time. Because the conduct oneself and man who had percussed it to him said that he wanted to bury it politely when disposing because he had fouled considerably, it buried it in the garden. This graveyard is a place where the cat and small birds are buried. Please sleep restfully with son's memories.


738 days after it operates on rain on Saturday, April 9

It became it during harvest season about the strawberry. Tochigi Prefecture where I live is special product ground of the strawberry. Especially, the kind "Tochiotome" takes pride in the brand of nationwide invincibility. It becomes very happy feelings solving ..big and red...

My hand made keybord emulator.

739 days after it cloudy weather operates on Saturday, April 2

The point of keybord modifire is two. One is how is keybord resolved and it allocates it to each switch group in the cockpit. This can be easily solved by using the utility software named FSUIPC another is the button of keybord is made to adjust to MFS. The method of taking the keyboard apart is described today. The keyboard consists of a small base of the point of contact switch and tens of USB to do the I/O decipherment. As for the mechanism, if the switch matrix of the keyboard is understood, an easy thing is sure to be understood. No knowledge of electronic engineering is needed. It is enough by the intellect that solves a little precise soldering technology and an easy puzzle. I learnt many from a lot of predecessors. Terry O'Brien is one of the respected builders.