The throttle lever

Monday, April 18 fine

It had a telephone call from parents in Sendai. It is a thing of having become it to use the utility gas at last. It is free time today in complete during a day. Such a day is fixed to the cockpit building. The throttle lever that had been completed yesterday was installed in the rib. The feeling when the throttle of the simulator of DC8 is operated before is recalled, and movement and the feeling of quality of the throttle have been adjusted variously.

Slim fit

Monday, April 18, 2011 fine

To receive the cancer notification and to change my constitution, I have done various efforts. Vegetarian's eating habits are the one. In addition, walking and the muscular power improvement training are done without fail every morning. It is actually felt that the size of the waist slim improved though it has not satisfied with my figure yet. Pants were bought after a long time today. It is safe in not father's”OYAJI" figure but SLIM FIT. Yea! west 76cm just fit!