The Koushi cherry blossoms.

Cold north wind blows on Sunday, April 6.

My wife and I went to the school grounds of the neighboring elementary school 
for going to see cherry blossoms at night sightseeing.
(This cherry tree is called Koushi cherry tree in the hometown.)
Since time when I was discharged from 
the hospitalas for coming here five years ago.
Cherry blossoms lighted up bloomed wonderfully 
while being strongly jolted to cold north wind.
It was hard that I walked, and, as for me five years ago, 
dozens of meters from the parking lot to school grounds was serious.

So tonight, I gave thanksgiving to a cherry tree.

Spring come over

March 24, 2014 (it is fine)

Spring came over to Narita Airport.
Northwest wind turns into southeastern wind, 
and the bud of the cherry tree of the hill seems to flower soon.
The scenery of the airport opens when I always climb this hill.
The scenery of the airport does a heart peacefully very much

A380 of Singapore Airlines to land at leisurely

City of the 21st century!

It is fine on Saturday, March 22, 2014

I stayed at the hotel of the Sakae town last night.
I walked around the center of commerce of Nagoya today.
Nagoya is the town which is very clean from old days. 
A building and the public accommodation are well-kept very neatly.
 I went to Oasis21 in the Sakae town.
It is the futuristic building
which seems to totally come out to Astro Boy.
 I climbed the roof.


Water and a ripple that a roof of transparent tempered glass
 becomes the pond and runs are reflected in the open space 
under the ground. It is a really wonderful town. 

It is my hometown here.

The Ofuku ichiba (market)

It is fine on Friday, March 21, 2014

I visit Nagoya .
I walked around the town where I was born and raised .
I visited "the Ofuku-market " which I was with 50 years or more ago
by my mother, and went to the everyday shopping. 
The market was closed in being lonely. Because a part of the building
 became the bar, I drank one cup of sake in the shop. 
The conversations of the good old Nagoya dialect 
overflowed in the Japanese bar.

Poor !

The Sunday, February 9 snow to fine weather

The outside is a pure white snow scene.
I devote myself to favorite work in a room on such a day.

I repair the violin which I started from last week.
I cut the sound post which I bought by a mail order and 
sharpened it. I made the tool to fit a sound post on.
I sharpened the tumbler which I bought in
a 100-yen shop and made this appliance. 

I played the violin while changing the position of the sound post.
 I was surprised that a tone greatly changed
 at the position of the sound post.

Furthermore, I stuck one piece of resonant board of the violin
which had been broken. It is the figure which my violin
 is fixed to the clamp like last week, 

and is poor...

Cat curls up in front of a stove.

unday, February 9 snow

It was a snowstorm last night.
It is 20 years since the last such heavy snow.
Because my cat "Horyu" wanted to go out of the early morning 
in excitement, I let it go outside. 
He was surprised at such a heavy snow.
 In snow as most of the bodies were buried, 
he came home from a walk immediately.
And Horyu curls up in front of a stove and sleeps now.

He is getting treatment now.

It is fine on Monday, February 3, 2014

I start the repair of the violin which has become scattered.
Because the TOP board of the violin came off, I looked in the inside.
I was proved to be a musical instrument made in 1964.

I dissolved glia with a pan from morning.
I painted crazing carefully and fixed it with a clamp.
 My violin can not  get a motion with 5 clamps.



Sunday, February 2, 2014 cloudy weather

It is a violin of the 3/4 size that I was presented by parents 
more than 50 years ago.
Those days are remembered clearly when I look at this violin.
Tone of the organ which mother played... 
a smell of the baked apple which was fragrant from an oven,
and  spring gentle sunlight that entered through 
the curtain of the race.

Unfortunately the top of the violin cracks.
It grew big for several years.
I made up my mind to repair this damage.

I heated the list board with three places of cracks with a dryer
 and tore it off.I cannot readily tear it off because of the glia 
gluing this together well.

I have broken up!

It is a right theory of The repair to completely tear off a list board, 
but it tries repair partially because it is impossible.

I seem to be devoted to this repair work for the time being.

Yokaren Peace Memorial Museum

It is fine on Friday, January 24, 2015

I went on a business trip from the day before yesterday 
to Choshi-city.
Because I went along Kasumigaura in the middle of way home,
 I dropped in at the Yokaren- Peace Memorial museum in the shore.
A lot of daily life and diary of the naval airmen student (Yokaren)
and wills of the kamikaze are displayed in the hall. 
While I read them one by one, I was filled with feelings.
 I was impressed by the pure, noble mind of
 20-year-old youths from 18 years old killed in war.

 The Yasukuni worship of the prime minister begins to cause 
controversy in Japan.I thought that I wanted this museum
 to come to Japanese many people particularly the teenager.
 And  I want them to think about a meaning of former World War II.

Gentle spring light comes in faintly into the silent hall.

 I felt solemn..

 A classmate of the Japanese Naval Aviation Preparatory School

                           A special attack weapon (Kamikaze) torpedo
                                                        " Kaiten"                        

                                                JGSDF Camp Kasumigaura                            

Catholic Mathugamine church


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold north wind blew, and it snowed today.
I walked while shivering  into Utsunomiya city.
And I took a photograph for blog because I went 
along the bottom of the just Catholic- Mathugamine- church. 

This division of Utsunomiya went to ruin by an air raid .
 And Hayao-Miyazaki supervision lived here
 as an evacuation place for his childhood period.

In the small house which came out to the Tonari-no-Totoro,
 the house which he spent in Utsunomiya became the model.

 Utsunomiya is the special town for me too,
where i inhabit more than ten years.

Share an impression with everybody .

The day that it is fine on Sunday, January 19, 2014, 

I work on Sunday today.
I was asked for the PA of the presentation of children 
and worked in Tochigi- synthesis- Cultural- Center.

Emplacement and the setup of sound machine parts and 
the PA operation are considerably hard work for 57-year-old me.
 I was the limit to maintain concentration while feeling dizzy.
 However, I love this work that can share an impression 
with everybody of the performer. 

Beer after the work is very good!

Slight intoxication...

January, 2014 one day 

I came to Tochigi-city today.
It is to attend at the new year party with colleague 
of the company. Because I was able to afford more than one hour 
until the appointed time, I strolled in the town of Tochigi-city.
It is along Uzuma- river, and a traditional grocery store 
and old storehouses stand.I took a bottle of the whiskey
 out of a pocket and walked the town for slight intoxication.
A duck and a carp swim leisurely in the river.

It is peaceful scenery

                                                Ridge of the Uzuma-river.

                                   Cityscape of Tochigi with the Edo era.

        Appearance of a good old shop recalling the Showa era.


It is fine on Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New year began, and a few days passed.
Many Japanese go to the Shinto shrine
 to pray  for happiness of one year.
I entered the hill of Izuruhara-Shrine of Sano-city, too.
I always pass before one of this Shinto shrine by work, 
but try what go up it for the first time.
Of course I do not give the prayer for a Shinto shrine.
(I am a Christian...)
The view from a Shinto shrine made in the rocky mountain steep
 is very good.

The cold north wind of the New Year has good feeling.