Poor !

The Sunday, February 9 snow to fine weather

The outside is a pure white snow scene.
I devote myself to favorite work in a room on such a day.

I repair the violin which I started from last week.
I cut the sound post which I bought by a mail order and 
sharpened it. I made the tool to fit a sound post on.
I sharpened the tumbler which I bought in
a 100-yen shop and made this appliance. 

I played the violin while changing the position of the sound post.
 I was surprised that a tone greatly changed
 at the position of the sound post.

Furthermore, I stuck one piece of resonant board of the violin
which had been broken. It is the figure which my violin
 is fixed to the clamp like last week, 

and is poor...

Cat curls up in front of a stove.

unday, February 9 snow

It was a snowstorm last night.
It is 20 years since the last such heavy snow.
Because my cat "Horyu" wanted to go out of the early morning 
in excitement, I let it go outside. 
He was surprised at such a heavy snow.
 In snow as most of the bodies were buried, 
he came home from a walk immediately.
And Horyu curls up in front of a stove and sleeps now.