My true vocation.

December, 2013 one day

My work is sound designs such as concerts (PA).
I become very busy when I always go down.
It was the work of the concert in Oyama-city today.
The setup of machine parts of the PA which is heavy when
 I get old is hard.I do not know how many years 
the back can do this work,but want to 
accomplish my true vocation.

Lie to bed

December, 2013 one day

It is the New Year in another several days.
I stay at the usual hotel and look at the airplane of the airport.
I loved to look at an airplane alone in my early childhood.
It is the opportunity that the sketch of the airplane 
which I drew at Komaki Airport took a prize.
I went to watch the airplane of the aviation college of Iwanuma 
well alone after my family moved in Sendai. 
The dream in the days of my child was to go to 
the foreign country on that airplane sometime. 
The dream came true now. 
And I was able to experience it until the steering airplane.
And I lie to Bet of the hotel and watch the taking off
 and landing of the airplane.

I will be a lucky person how!

Yasunao Ishida

                                       Saturday, October 19, 2013 rain

I still went Yasunao Ishida who looked forward to in his concert.
 It has been completely shown by a performance
of unique looks of Ishida, performance-style
and the transcendence art.

Why does a prominent musician like him not attract
attention more in Japan?
I think that his performance-style that it is too aggressive, 
and is original may not receive a fair evaluation
from the conservative classics world.

Colored leaves

Saturday, October 19, 2013 cloudy weather

The photograph is an article of the colored leaves highlight 
in Tochigi placed in today's "Shimothuke- newspaper" morning edition.
 Yes. These are only the morning editions.
 Tochigi where I live in has the sightseeing spot 
where eminent colored leaves are beautiful everywhere in Japan.
 Everybody feels jealous of me when I talk to a person living in the other prefectures,
 but I do not go out to watch many colored leaves. 

Shall I go to enjoy slightly autumn nature in this year...

Indian summer day

It is fine on Monday, October 14, 2013

It is a holiday today in Health Sports Day.

I went to Kanuma-city to pick up  ginkgo nuts early in the morning.
 Washed off the peel of a ginkgo of the bagful 
with water (considerably stinking) and aired it in the sun.

The cat takes a nap 
under the splendid blue sky very comfortably.

The 29th wedding anniversary

It is fine on Sunday, October 13, 2013

It is our the 29th wedding anniversary today.

We light the candle which we used 
at the time of wedding ceremony every year.
However, the memorial day scale of the candle
 is until the 25th year.Because there is no help for it,
 it is a handwritten scale after the 26th year.

I celebrated it with the delicious pasta 
and salad which a wife cooked.

Thank you for 29 years! Thank you from now on!

Cut !

October 6, 2013 (it is fine)
I decided to cut the leg of the chair.
Because the height of the Thompson chair of the piano
which I used in a living room was too higher than other chairs,
Considerable technique is with need on the cut of the chair
when I check various books and web sites.
I considered over a good method.
 And it is the method of the photograph to have carried out.
I fixed a circle saw to the work stand with a clamp and
 I hit the saw with the chair which I put on a work stand and cut it.
 An art of this method is to cut four of them little by little
 without completely cutting a leg at a time.
The result makes a big success!
 I was able to lower a chair without a wobble really.
I am satisfied very much!


Days of the youth

 It is fine on Sunday, September 30, 2013
I make the word "Dan, sha, ri" a life creed recently.
Meaning of these words by being separated from a thing
, a worldly-minded person abandoning a thing,
the greed that there are worldly desires no from.
I arranged an old magazine and photograph on Sunday today.
An old such photograph came out.
It is the photograph of the live performance in Sendai 36 years ago.
I am carried away like the rock musician that the second is me from the right.

It is days of the youth when I am ashamed when I remember It now.


A cat and Irish harp

It is fine on Friday, September 27
Kebin of my love cat is a usual place taking a nap here.

Kebin is in this Japanese-style room after a meal by all means
 and sleeps on a cushion comfortably.
Irish harp of the photographs is the thing
which the doctor of the acquaintance
 gave to me in this spring,
 but a performance is not readily begun.
Is comfortable to a cat soon soon; should be able to play it


•Kitty Foiled

Tuesday, September 24 cloudy weather

There is a place to drop in at by all means when I visit Narita Airport.
                                    A chair of the photographs is a chair used in photography
of the drama "Good luck." before.
 Today, two women sitting down, and looking at an airplane.

It is the scenery which is very quiet autumn dusk ago. 



Tuesday, September 25 cloudy weather
I am on a business trip to East Chiba.
I dropped in at the founded "road parking-Sora no eki".
Beechcraft is displayed in the parking lot.
Though there cannot be yet it with the so old body,
 why ?


The Hazaki shore

Tuesday, September 24 cloudy weather
Typhoon 20 approaches the Japanese Islands.
I go on a business trip to the Chyoshi area.
I went along journey, Hasakimachi.
There should have been the sandy beach
 that was chosen in "100 selections of excellent  ground"
 of the Ministry of the Environment authorization.
However, the scenery changes completely
 because of a massive tsunami of March 11, 2011.
Only a propeller of the wind-generated electricity
went around the popular shore
which there was not lively.


Hut of the cat

It is fine on Monday, September 16, 2013
A pretty he-cat has begun to settle down in my house.
 His name "is HORYU". Because I keep him or do not keep it,
 or the origin of this name was at a loss,
 I will suspend the answer!
Reservation = HORYU is an origin.
I made an entrance for the cats which entered the hut today
because a typhoon went away,
and autumn wind had begun to blow.
He entered fearfully at once.

What a relief!


•Fiddler on the Roof

Sunday, September 15, 2013 rain
I am crazy about the performance of the violin recently.
My wife dislikes tones of the violins places.
That is why I play the lesson of the violin on stairs not to offend the wife.
 I did not know the outline of "the fiddler on the roof",
but I supposed it when this work would be a story of the fiddlers
who received persecution. I continue playing the violin today on stairs.

Hot Narita airport, today

July 23, 2013 (Tuesday) fine

I visited 34L runway end of Narita Airport.
Is hot Narita crowded with people
who leave for overseas on leisure?
It is good!

A huge track

July 20, 2013 (Saturday) fine

The strange body had drawn up under the overhead line of the
 Shinkansen nearSuzumenomiya Station in Utsunomiya.
this -- the object for the work of the U.S. Forces -- it is a huge track.
It is ... why it is neglected at this place, and ... a mystery.
Since it was the powerful body, a photograph was taken.


Automatic performance piano

July 11, 2013 (Thursday) fine

I visited to repair of an automatic performance piano
in the resort apartment at the foot of Nasu.
Repair of this piano is very difficult.
Because, since the parts of an automatic performance system
 have ended manufacture, I have to divert other parts.
I used the electronic components replaced and converted into original parts.
Repair was completed safely.
I praised myself in the lobby, am one person and did a victory pose.



Two propellers

June 25, 2013 (Tuesday) fine

The side of the road along which I always pass has
 a wonderful shrine.Since I was worried very much from before,
I parked the car and looked in at the temple. This temple exists
in the site of the buckwheat noodle shop of the entrance of Imaichi IC.
Please have a look and it ensconces two propellers of a zero type fighter.
The bullet mark remains in one of them.
 It is said that the owner of thebuckwheat noodle shop put
and built a fighter's memorial service and the prayer for peace.


Made in USA

June 13, 2013 (Thursday) light rain

Do you understand this for some?
This is the toaster currently used for 30 years at my home.
(U.S. Sunbeam company make) An elder brother gives
 this toaster to my wedding gift. Although I am using it, fixing
 several times, it is impossible to completely use it yesterday.
I am good at disassembling and repairing such machines.
This machine has a very simple mechanism, it is mechanical,
and electronic components are not used for pop-up and control at all.
The cause of failure was because the motion of bimetal was rusted.
I fixed over 2 hours.

Please have a look!
The body and proportion of beautiful chromium plating
 also without rust and stain.

It revived completely.
I use this machine carefully from now on.


Power of an airplane

June 8, 2013 (Saturday) fine

I am in the "mountain park of Sakura"
 contiguous to Narita Airport.
The park is being crowded with many family companions.
the family accompanied by the baby,
the couple of a touring figure, and everybody
 -- I seem to be glad to look at an airplane.

An airplane delights people without reason.

FRP resin

June 2, 2013 (Sunday) cloudy weather

What is this? In fact, it is a memory device portion of YOKE of Boeing737.
Although I worried about how it makes, I tried the method of pouring
and hardening FRP resin for FRP in a model.
A result is a great success as looking.
Accessories can be easily created by this method.

Thunderbirds Are Go!!

 May 19, 2013 (Sunday) fine

Today is my 57th birthday.
My second son gave Thunderbird 2 to birthday congratulation.
I am glad and have played in the yard.

Yearning as my child,
Thunderbird Are Go!! 


VOR of the runway 16R

May 18, 2013 (Saturday) fine

                                    I am a business trip at work in Narita.(Also today)
                                          I wanted to try photography of the place
and angle which are different in rare cases,
and photoed the body in front of landing near VOR of the runway 16R. 
 Yes ! quite a powerful photograph.


Doting parents ?

May 13, 2013 (Monday) fine

                               Please have a look! This photograph is the work
                        which my second son made from ice cream in an instant.
                                          He has a talent over a modeling work.
                         I regard him as his being genius --  is it a doting parents?

Irish harp

May 13, 2013 (Monday) fine

I was given the Irish harp from the acquaintance.
I do not understand the performance method
or tuning method at all, either.
My son performed instantly.
The direction which the young person performed matches
well rather than a father performs.
Although it will think that a young woman performs
matches well most if it can do,


60th wedding anniversary party

May 12, 2013 (Sunday) fine

My family came to Matsushima,
in order to congratulate my parents on  60th wedding anniversary.
We were very pleasant  to have made a great uproar
at the party last evening. Today, we cruise of the inside of the bay
in Matsushima . The black-tailed gull and others gathering
in the surroundings of cruiser was fed.
We froliced to the gulls which flocks.
Really pleasant time were passed.

Congratulation! my father and mother 60th wedding anniversary.

God bless you !


New face

May 6, 2013 (Monday) fine

The stray cat settled in my home from three weeks before.
The cat had a severe cold and conjunctivitis and
 dehydration were quite in the dying state in the serious illness.
I take him to a veterinarian, or continue nursing and am becoming fine at last.
It is that the Brandy of a senior cat does not express hostility
with a wonderful thing to him.although he usually certainly starts a quarrel
 to other cat and intimidation is repeated, it completely acts as an adult
 and is this time -- it is .Seemingly, by a veterinarian's presumption,
he was kept with the pet cat in the house.
(Seemingly, it understands in the state of a nail).
When he thinks that were thrown away, and it was hungry under the wintry sky,
was frozen, and he arrived at my home, he is very poor.
I want him for me to be here all the time and to become fortunate.


Buckwheat noodles.

May 3, 2013 (Saturday)

My son took the girl friend.
I wanted to show her fresh green sunlight,
and drove to Okorogawa.
The lunch of buckwheat noodles was eaten
in the sophisticated buckwheat noodle shop "Sankirai" in Okorogawa.
I was very satisfied with the taste of the fresh green view
 from a window, and Towari buckwheat noodles.


I am glad!

May 3, 2013 (Saturday)

Today is also a holiday succeedingly. I am glad!
I was devoted to favorite work. All chairs are disassembled,
old paint is removed and rattan was restretched.
Work called repair of furniture is very interesting.


Absorbed in a hobby

May 1, 2013 (Wednesday) fine

I am during 9 consecutive holidays.
Since consecutive holidays of Japan are traffic congestion
wherever they may go,
 I do not go out anywhere.
To the full, I concentrated on the hobby at home.
The internal circuit of made YOKE was made and details were also processed.
Although real YOKE was deformed considerably,
 I think that the silhouette resembles the genuine article.


Here we go to "Kamakura "

April 23, 2013 (Tuesday) cloudy weather

I set out on the trip of the day's trip to Miura Peninsula and
 Kamakura together with my wife. It is the first time in 34 years
that I visit Kamakura. The formal topknot of the precincts of a temple
 already decayed, and the offspring tree of a new ginkgo tree was planted.

In addition the store are built completely and
Komachi Str. is full of a young person or females .

I am a general store of Malaysia and purchased
the stamp of the interesting cat.
But,I and my wife are very anxious about the cats
which are looking after the house housesitting? in a house.


Trip to Sendai

April 14, 2013 (Sunday) fine

I families came to Sendai, in order to participate
in a nephew's marriage ceremony.
I walked along Str. Hirose after after a long time.
It is fixed and a street is very beautiful.
I had a new appreciation of and did the merit of Sendai
which lived a long time ago.

In peak condition!

April 8, 2013 (Monday) fine

The spring storm was blowing violently till yesterday.
It is a very pleasant blue sky today.
The stocks of last week to Japan are good.
Thanks to the, I was able to compensate the loss last year.
I made the rudder pedal with a sufficient feeling.
It is almost completion as looking.
The cover was also made and attached.


Rudder pedal 2

March 31, 2013 (Sunday) rain

Today is rainy Sunday.
I made the portion under a rudder pedal.
This portion is a stand which lets the heel slide in the case
 of pedal of airplane operation.
It completed using MDF material (10 mm).

Nap with

March 27, 2013 (Wednesday)

It is one warm cloudy day of spring.
My favorite cat cabin is taking a nap pleasantly from a morning.
Her bed is on a wife's knee mostly.
My wife cannot move during her nap.
To the good thing, he is also taking a nap in it.


The sunglasses smeared with John Lennon's blood

March 25, 2013 (Monday)
Ono Yoko's report was published at the newspaper.
I looked at her concert at the age of 18.
When said frankly, I was disappointed at Yoko's music.
However, it is impressed for her social activity.
Didn't the sunglasses smeared with John Lennon's blood
give the American society a great warning?


It gets warm

March 20, 2013 (Wednesday) fine
It gets warm completely from yesterday and
the news of the bloom of a cherry tree is broadcast in Tokyo.

It is the final stage of RudderPedal manufacture still more.
It painted in the gray Boeing color.
The microswitch for brakes was also attached.
The rest will be completion still more, if covers are made.



Pretty and beautiful

March 17, 2013 (Sunday) fine

The warm day continues.
The flowers of the plum began to bloom all at once also in the hills
 and fields of Nikko.
I am coming by acoustic work to the "Iwafune cosmos hole" today.
It is work of the last PA this spring.
The concert was refined very much and was wonderful.
Furthermore, they were very pretty and beautiful.



Narita airport  3.14

March 15, 2013 (Friday) fine

I am on a business trip in Narita
and the direction of Choshi from yesterday.
From the room of a constant hotel, the second terminal
of Narita Airport looks good to this appearance.
A photograph is the first plane of approach on 34R runway.
Narita Airport has also filled with a low-cost carrier's body recently.
Although there was much body of JAL and PANNAM
a long time ago, it changes with a time.

Chofu city

March 13, 2013 (Wednesday) fine

This photograph is the Chofu city area from a no-frills hotel.
it looks at hand and "Ajinomoto Stadium" is seen.
Thus, the game of soccer must be seen from this hotel.
Metropolitan Expressway of the return for a strong wind was
closed many places today. It has taken 2 hours or more to escape
from a highway.

Plum flower

March 12, 2013 (Tuesday) fine  
I am coming for the business trip to Tokyo today.
I visited to the maintenance of the piano in "Shirayuri College."
In the yard where care of a university was prudent, the flower of
the plum was in bloom. It is spring still more.


My son

March 11, 2013 (Monday) fine

My eldest son is very interested in politics.
Now, he puts into Mr. Ozawa who is one of the leaders of the
 Democratic Party. It seems that the son sympathizes with
 Mr. Ozawa's economic policy. The other day, he participated in
 Mr. Ozawa's meeting and did commemoration photography.