December 8, 2011 (Thursday)

I apologize for the long silence.
When I as well as you became in December,
it had these busy days.
I moved about the holiday furniture,
indoor repair and preparations for X-mas&Newyear-day,
and every day.Such inside participated because
Michael Denton CEO of Boeing Japan would hold
the lecture meeting in Utsunomiya.
Interestingly in his talk, GDP in the world will be
that Boeing assumes 2.2% of growth
for 20 years from now on.
And say that it is an airplane of the dream
in which just B787 tackled it having risked
the future of the company of the Boeing
on the next of B747 or B777.
Although Michael was a quiet narrative style
which close resemblance to Steve Jobs, he felt the passion
over Americans' business for the sincere posture
which replies to the question at
an attendant fervently very carefully.

Delight in the night

December 23, 2011 (Thursday)

This evening, I drank with Mr. Ussey of the leader a band's,
and my ”Master”. There is only an end of the year truly
and the tavern was prosperous.
I also drank some cups of beer after a long time,
and have got drunk with a good feeling completely.
If it talks with Mr. Ussey, many always studied things occur.
Although he is 12years junior to me, the opinion of which
a farsighted view was taken serves as a shot in the arm
of the life my future. Although it thought that
that I drink alcohol the past several months had useless
time and being avoided, isn't such time also precious happily?
He thinks whether to be what since it is strangely gloomy
in inside of a shop although coffee was drunk
in Starbucks to return, and, seemingly and a store
are the events of tasting coffee in darkness by a theme called
"Delight in the night". Year-end night was passed
in the extravagant feeling, looking at the candle on a table.


November 1, 2011 (Tuesday)

I visited Museum of Aeronautical Science.
My favorite YS11 is exhibited here.
It was always looking at YS11 which lands and departs Nagoya Airport as a child.
YS-11 is the memory of my Showa itself.

light and shadow

November 1, 2011 (fine)

I am a business trip in Narita today.
Work was finished and it came to Narita Airport and
Community Historical Museum.
Unlike the brightness of Narita Airport,
the inheritance driven away to the corner of the past
dark history and the high-growth era of Japan is
exhibited here. When I was young, the occurrence here was
always reported by TV.It seems that a historical light and
shadow exist also by the time of when.


October 30, 2011 (Sunday)

It did!
TQ unit was completed at last!
It is a cockpit process this year now. The target attained.

Sweet and soft !

October 30, 2011 (Sunday)

Also in the kitchen garden of my home, many vegetables
finished harvest. What it remained in is potatoes and
a Welsh onion. I harvested the sweet potato today.
The people who visited in my house were wholly surprised,
seeing the leaf of the sweet potato luxuriant to the limit of a field.
When many big potatoes could probably be very taken, I also expected.
Regrettable! Compared with a leaf and a vine, harvest is
condition merely like little and a photograph.
But it was a sweet and soft sweet potato!

Scale plate

October 17, 2011 (Monday)

I made the scale plate of TQ with the acrylic board.
I was poor at processing of a plastic plate, and failed
repeatedly until now. It is distorted strangely
, also when dividing when cutting, or heating and bending .
But it was able to do well this time.
The thickness of an acrylic board called 3-mm
thickness thinks that it was good.

Potter's wheel

October 23, 2011 (Sunday)

I made the trim handle of TQ.
Its original work Potter's wheel,
The cutting plate purchased in the 100-yen shop was attached,
and it deleted by the flea. Although not finished very much finely,
finally it deleted powerfully by Sander and took shape somehow.
I paste these three boards together and take out textures.

LED set up

October 16, 2011 (Sunday)

LED has been arranged to TQ unit.
18 LED is worked on 12V voltage.


September 25, 2011 (Sunday) fine

I processed the last of the case of a throttle
made with the aluminum board.
The cut board was ground by the grinder whetstone and buff.

Fresh wind is blowing

Fair then rain on September 19 (Monday), 2011

The fresh wind is blowing today.
My homemadeCockpit work progressed very much
yesterday and today. The aluminum board was processed and
the outside of the throttle was covered.
Probably, a metallic look which is how had come out!

Dead battery

September 12, 2011 (Monday) fine weather

The throttle of the Boeing 737 which I made was attached to the cockpit, and operation was checked. However, a personal computer does not work at all. Even if it reboots how many times, a BIOS setup will start. Although I started WINDOWS by the safe mode and system restoration was tried, the former restoration point has disappeared. There are only the last means and the total exchange such at the time. Applying a format to a hard disk, WINDOWS was re-introduced, however a state does not change. It is useless, even if disassemble a personal computer, all VGA boards are extracted, a memory etc. are extracted and it checks again. The message of "CMOS SETUP WRONG" is displayed on a starting screen. Possibly, would not this be a dead battery of memory backup with systemu-bord? The reasoning was great success. When replacing lithium batteries, the personal computer was started normally. However, various setup and soft installation are serious from here!

Boeing !

September 8, 2011 (Thursday) fine

I visited the Narita aerospace museum located next to Narita Airport. It is the first time in two years that I visit here.
There will be a model portion of 747!


Sunday, August 28, 2011 fine

The solar heating system of my home has broken down. The tank of the circulation system cracks and the water leak is generated. I was not repaired though I had tried repairing with FRP. The acquaintance obtained only one solar tank ..lucky thing.. manufacturer.
I exchanged it by myself today. The repair completion was done seven hours excitedly.

Russian districtm

Sunday, August 28, 2011 fine

Befor you know it,
It passes away in summer.
Moreover, the sky returned in that nostalgic autumn.
The airplane that toward a blue, empty inside and Russian districtm...


Saturday, August 27, 2011

I went out to Hyakuri base after a long time today.
(Of course, it is an opportunity of work. )F4 was heard to be exhibited in the Ibaraki airport that was on the opposite side of the base. Oh!Beautiful F4Ej and RF4E from which it has just retired are exhibited. It is a happy thing that can see F4 so much in the vicinity excluding Air-show of the Self Defense Forces.

K is

Friday, August 26, 2011 cloudy weather

XXX ! A380 of Korean Air Lines came.
I recalled the thing of the flight in the Takeshima sky
that the Korean Air jet had done the other day.
It is too disappointed at actions of them who do not have popular.
Why was such a thing done?It teaches and the giving South Koreans.

Jam Narita

Friday, August 26, 2011 cloudy weather

From 11 o'clock to 15 o'clock is prime time of New Tokyo
International Airport. 34R glide slope is large congestion by
the passenger plane that takes off.

Rainy Narita

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The weather changed suddenly in the afternoon,
and it became a strong wind and a sudden downpour.
Popular place "Sakura no yama park" of the airplane watching of
New Tokyo International Airport suffered from sudden rain, too.
The baby brought by the grandpa and the grandma is sheltering.

Narita style

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am looking at the airport peacefully sitting on the sofa in the room after it awakes early morning.

Fine !

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It is wonderful fine weather today from the morning.
Will Japan still be a vacation of summer?The number of airplanes of the terminal is more than that always.

All night Narita

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am on a business trip to Narita always.
I asked for the room that looked good for the hotel the glide slope.
The second terminal from this room to New Tokyo International
Airport looks good. The airplane watching of 24 hours can be done
by lying down from the room. It is happy.

The plinth part of the throttle

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 fine

I am summer vacation from the 13th.
Several recent weeks were very busy with both public and private matters. The thing with which the goodness is embarrassed leaks water the solar heating system of the house, and has spent considerable time and energy on the restoration. In such a translation, the cockpit doesn't progress so much either. The throttle was constructed after a long time in the hut today. The plinth part of the throttle was completed.

A sultry day

Monday, July 18, 2011 fine

A sultry day continues every day.
I kept making cockpit in hut.
When internal wiring of the throttle was checked,
trouble was found by as much as two places.
It resolved, microswitches were exchanged,
and the part where wiring had been disconnected was repaired.
In addition, the spacer was placed and each rib interval was
fixed firmly. Wiring is considerably crowded each other.

My creative impulse

Monday, July 12, 2011 fine

My creative impulse has boiled.
It was absorbed in the cockpit making yesterday and today.
Please see. It became the shape of pincers .
About three years pass from the design stage.

Losing battle

Sunday, July 10, 2011 fine

My cockpit doesn't progress easily.
I feel like i'm fighting a losing battle.

Air brake

Sunday, July 4, 2011 fine

I am very busy with gardening at this season. And, the cockpit building has not progressed so much. At last, the airbrake lever finished. The aluminum rectangular lumber of same 1.5Cm as the flap lever was cut down and made. The operating angle degree of the airbrake is not understood well. It will examine in the future and it studies.

Bass booster

Sunday, July 3, 2011 cloudy weather

I obtained a graphic equalizer for the bass guitar.
Because I am guitar of the band charge, many people might think use to musical instruments. It is different. This was bought as a base booster to drive Bodysonic system. that was buried it under the captain seat of the flight simulator. It was very ineffectual though a passive low-pass filter was variously made by oneself and had been installed. When 50Hz is done in the boost by immediately installing it, and other frequencies are cut, it is pleasant. Super Low Bass is power full marks.

parking brake lever

Monday, June 13, 2011 fine

This parking brake lever processed and made the aluminum board. The size of my cockpit was made referring to the image of all B737 obtained from the web- site.


Thursday, June 9, 2011 fine

When awaking in the morning、
Outside doesn't see anything because of the fog.
Landing must be impossible by New Tokyo International Airport. The approach has been permitted so that there is not what when ATC is heard either. They are professionals.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011 fine

"Sakurano-oka" park is a very wonderful blooming hill, all over of various cherry blossoms in spring, blossom of the carduus, the azalea, and rape blossoms in early summer. However,It is not a well known place, and the person is also sparse and my "Misanthrope" is glad. So It is a dream,someday take my wife with lunch box to look at the airplane peaceflly.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 fine

Work was finished.I climbed the usual favorite Narita "Sakurano-oka" park. Two families were playing because the weather was good. The bench in the photograph was used to take a movie of TV drama "Good Luck". The family seemed to be happy in the bench where ”kimutaku” had sat.

The flap lever

Monday, June 6, 2011 fine

Japan is a rainy season now.
However, it is comfortable fine weather today.
Buds of celery, the garland chrysanthemum, the eggplant,
the cucumber, and the sweet potato are blown to a fresh
wind in my small kitchen garden. It was possible to be
absorbed in making the throttle at a complete,
free time it today. The flap lever was almost
completed and the setting was done next to
the throttle. I manage to want to complete even
the airbrake by autumn.

"Sound Machine"

Sunday, May 29, 2011 rain

I went out to Tera-farm of Tochigi City with my wife.
The purpose of it is to attend the Tera-farm round commemoration
party. There was live of the highroad artist in the "Sound Machine"
as a guest. This show is of splended. One person shoulders the drum,
it keep rhythm by the left foot, the Bass keybord play by his
right foot, and a sound profound with the synthesizer guitar,
is performed . It seems to have exceeded 60 years old.
It has ended with surprising swiftness with the toque with
a happy performance more than one hour.
I got a huge pizza pie burnt with stone cooker of
Mr./Ms. Terauchi's house after it performed and a delicious
vegetarian dish. The mind is fine weather though the outside
was a heavy rain because of the typhoon.
It was a happy day.

Flap lever

Monday, May 23, 2011 rain

The thing has advanced as the processing is very easy, and is smooth because the aluminum material is a very soft material. The flap lever finished according to most images, too. The tension adjustment with the spring of the lever installed the coil spring.


Sunday, May 22, 2011 fine

The book named ”PRAY FOR JAPAN ”
has sent it as a birthday present from the son.
A very impressive phrase was remembered from among the sentence written in English. It is .."Ican' t help but cry ".. expression. I exactly came to read this book so.

Birth day

Friday, May 20, 2011 fine

Tommorw is my 55-year-old birthday. The cake in the photograph reached from the second son. OMG! It is a character cake of "go-kaija-". Moreover, it is fully light as for candle. The cake is glad of birthday even if becoming 55 years old.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011 fine

The offshore has blown since the morning.
The expectation came off completely and the glide slope was looked at, and last time, it settled down in 16R and the glide slope was looked at today because it had gone this way and that. However, the land breeze blows though it passes very by when.
Only the gigantic figure who showed up to the glide slope edge was able to take a picture after reverse though I wanted to see the brave figuer of blue sky under A380.

favorite hotel

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 cloudy weather

I have come to Narita again.
Of course, it is a business trip. My home has already become just like in the favorite hotel. I have relaxed completely because the personal computer is brought in to the room, English is studied always, and I exchange mail. The room is such wide though it is an economy hotel. From living room of my home to spacious room.The airplane that lands from the window in 16R looks good.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011 rain

It is a persistent rain from early morning.
Breakfast was finished at the hotel early , and I was bound for the 16R glide slope. The purpose is to see A380 that comes flying at 7 AM. I judged 34L from the ATC communication of the approach heard from the receiver and I'm bound for the "Sakura-no-oka".
However, it changes immediately to 16R by arriving.
This is good and a certain thing in the morning of New Tokyo International Airport. I turned back at a rush in "Sakura-no-yama". None of hill is also the thing of rain, and exists excluding me.  It came at eight o'clock. It is Lufthanza LH710 A380. Externals where rain lands slowly middle quietly are dignified.


Rain from afternoon, Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today's work was hard.
I was exhausted and reached the favorite hotel at last.
16R glide slope looks good from the window.
Waoo !767-300ER with Turumaru mark.
It was a school excursion at my start,
going to Tokyo International Airport "Haneda", and the time.
It was impressed by a full Turumaru mark in the airport.
It is suiting to JAL.

Old friends

Cloudy weather and rain on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It came to the edge of 16R of New Tokyo International Airport and the hill of Simohusa. Of course, after work is finished. It is a place always crowded with the person of the airplane seeing. The back figure of two grandpas was very lovely, the shutter was pushed. The airplane is everyone's yearning, and a dream. The grandpa surely is , in the pilot ..whether you wanted to become it..

the detentes plate

Saturday, May 7, 2011 cloudy weather

I was able to concentrate on the cockpit production
at this Golden Week. It finally begins the production of the flap part
that is the maximum obstacle of the throttle.
It began to plane the detentes plate of the flap.
It is an aluminum material of 5mm in thickness
that used for the material. It is an aluminum material of the thickness
not marketed easily. It finally obtained it in the fourth DIY shop.
It cut out and it underwent plastic operation to a rough type with
the self-made grinding machine in the sabre saw.

1/1 scale model

Friday, May 6, 2011 fine

It has begun the throttle lever production since the morning today.
The cutoff lever of the engine was installed. Have a look!
It has considerably shaped.

The lever part of the cutoff

Cloudy weather Thursday, May 5, 2011

The lever part of the cutoff of the engine was made. It finished as you see pleasantly by making good use of the machine tool of my making by oneself.

May afternoon

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 rain

The strategy of the U.S. Army that called ”Geronimo ”was executed.
Osama bin Laden was murdered.Do President Obama and American citizen seriously think that the situation picks up by this thing?Does anything change in killing one another?

It quietly gets wet in the rain a small flower that doesn't know the name on May afternoon.