"Revival Kita Akari of the Mom's miracle",

It is fine on Sunday, July 12, 2015
Japan is  the rainy season now.

Rain stopped from yesterday, and it's fine very well today.
I harvested the potatoes which I planted in the small field
 of the garden in May.This potato was about to rot in a house
of Sendai of the hometown.This is because it was left
in the corner of the kitchen because mother is hospitalized
 with a disease.
I named "Revival Kita Akari of the Mom's miracle",
and I prayed to this potato for comfortableness of mother.
I let the potato which was about to rot grew up wonderfully,
and a fruit grow in soil.
I've got a good news that mother could leave the hospital
soon from my older brother in an occasion.
OK, I roast this potato today, and let's eat!
Congratulations on Mom!