on the knoll

Sunday, April 17, 2011 fine weather

Passage of 756 days after it operates

It is wonderful fine weather for these several days. It went out to "Ohanami"as"Enjoyed seeing cherry blossom " with my wife. In Omuro artificial dam in the Omuro district of Nikko city, cherry blossoms were full-bloomed. The scenery of a beautiful Nikko mountains extends . It becomes sleepy when peacefully making it to eating lunch by the hilltop. It is peaceful Sunday afternoon.


April 16 (Saturday night) fine

I am a self-styled vegan. Exactry, I don't know the vegan's definition. Only Saturday every week ,open the bottle of wine with the wife.It looks forward to this one o'clock that relaxes because it finishes the work of one week. The wife made the salad (avocado and loch) and the tomato flavor pasta of the today. It was a dinner eaten too much in delicious of the remainder.