Yokaren Peace Memorial Museum

It is fine on Friday, January 24, 2015

I went on a business trip from the day before yesterday 
to Choshi-city.
Because I went along Kasumigaura in the middle of way home,
 I dropped in at the Yokaren- Peace Memorial museum in the shore.
A lot of daily life and diary of the naval airmen student (Yokaren)
and wills of the kamikaze are displayed in the hall. 
While I read them one by one, I was filled with feelings.
 I was impressed by the pure, noble mind of
 20-year-old youths from 18 years old killed in war.

 The Yasukuni worship of the prime minister begins to cause 
controversy in Japan.I thought that I wanted this museum
 to come to Japanese many people particularly the teenager.
 And  I want them to think about a meaning of former World War II.

Gentle spring light comes in faintly into the silent hall.

 I felt solemn..

 A classmate of the Japanese Naval Aviation Preparatory School

                           A special attack weapon (Kamikaze) torpedo
                                                        " Kaiten"                        

                                                JGSDF Camp Kasumigaura                            

Catholic Mathugamine church


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold north wind blew, and it snowed today.
I walked while shivering  into Utsunomiya city.
And I took a photograph for blog because I went 
along the bottom of the just Catholic- Mathugamine- church. 

This division of Utsunomiya went to ruin by an air raid .
 And Hayao-Miyazaki supervision lived here
 as an evacuation place for his childhood period.

In the small house which came out to the Tonari-no-Totoro,
 the house which he spent in Utsunomiya became the model.

 Utsunomiya is the special town for me too,
where i inhabit more than ten years.

Share an impression with everybody .

The day that it is fine on Sunday, January 19, 2014, 

I work on Sunday today.
I was asked for the PA of the presentation of children 
and worked in Tochigi- synthesis- Cultural- Center.

Emplacement and the setup of sound machine parts and 
the PA operation are considerably hard work for 57-year-old me.
 I was the limit to maintain concentration while feeling dizzy.
 However, I love this work that can share an impression 
with everybody of the performer. 

Beer after the work is very good!

Slight intoxication...

January, 2014 one day 

I came to Tochigi-city today.
It is to attend at the new year party with colleague 
of the company. Because I was able to afford more than one hour 
until the appointed time, I strolled in the town of Tochigi-city.
It is along Uzuma- river, and a traditional grocery store 
and old storehouses stand.I took a bottle of the whiskey
 out of a pocket and walked the town for slight intoxication.
A duck and a carp swim leisurely in the river.

It is peaceful scenery

                                                Ridge of the Uzuma-river.

                                   Cityscape of Tochigi with the Edo era.

        Appearance of a good old shop recalling the Showa era.


It is fine on Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New year began, and a few days passed.
Many Japanese go to the Shinto shrine
 to pray  for happiness of one year.
I entered the hill of Izuruhara-Shrine of Sano-city, too.
I always pass before one of this Shinto shrine by work, 
but try what go up it for the first time.
Of course I do not give the prayer for a Shinto shrine.
(I am a Christian...)
The view from a Shinto shrine made in the rocky mountain steep
 is very good.

The cold north wind of the New Year has good feeling.