A cat and Irish harp

It is fine on Friday, September 27
Kebin of my love cat is a usual place taking a nap here.

Kebin is in this Japanese-style room after a meal by all means
 and sleeps on a cushion comfortably.
Irish harp of the photographs is the thing
which the doctor of the acquaintance
 gave to me in this spring,
 but a performance is not readily begun.
Is comfortable to a cat soon soon; should be able to play it


•Kitty Foiled

Tuesday, September 24 cloudy weather

There is a place to drop in at by all means when I visit Narita Airport.
                                    A chair of the photographs is a chair used in photography
of the drama "Good luck." before.
 Today, two women sitting down, and looking at an airplane.

It is the scenery which is very quiet autumn dusk ago. 



Tuesday, September 25 cloudy weather
I am on a business trip to East Chiba.
I dropped in at the founded "road parking-Sora no eki".
Beechcraft is displayed in the parking lot.
Though there cannot be yet it with the so old body,
 why ?


The Hazaki shore

Tuesday, September 24 cloudy weather
Typhoon 20 approaches the Japanese Islands.
I go on a business trip to the Chyoshi area.
I went along journey, Hasakimachi.
There should have been the sandy beach
 that was chosen in "100 selections of excellent  ground"
 of the Ministry of the Environment authorization.
However, the scenery changes completely
 because of a massive tsunami of March 11, 2011.
Only a propeller of the wind-generated electricity
went around the popular shore
which there was not lively.