Made in USA

June 13, 2013 (Thursday) light rain

Do you understand this for some?
This is the toaster currently used for 30 years at my home.
(U.S. Sunbeam company make) An elder brother gives
 this toaster to my wedding gift. Although I am using it, fixing
 several times, it is impossible to completely use it yesterday.
I am good at disassembling and repairing such machines.
This machine has a very simple mechanism, it is mechanical,
and electronic components are not used for pop-up and control at all.
The cause of failure was because the motion of bimetal was rusted.
I fixed over 2 hours.

Please have a look!
The body and proportion of beautiful chromium plating
 also without rust and stain.

It revived completely.
I use this machine carefully from now on.


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