Delight in the night

December 23, 2011 (Thursday)

This evening, I drank with Mr. Ussey of the leader a band's,
and my ”Master”. There is only an end of the year truly
and the tavern was prosperous.
I also drank some cups of beer after a long time,
and have got drunk with a good feeling completely.
If it talks with Mr. Ussey, many always studied things occur.
Although he is 12years junior to me, the opinion of which
a farsighted view was taken serves as a shot in the arm
of the life my future. Although it thought that
that I drink alcohol the past several months had useless
time and being avoided, isn't such time also precious happily?
He thinks whether to be what since it is strangely gloomy
in inside of a shop although coffee was drunk
in Starbucks to return, and, seemingly and a store
are the events of tasting coffee in darkness by a theme called
"Delight in the night". Year-end night was passed
in the extravagant feeling, looking at the candle on a table.

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